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Session 9 Plant Nutrition Lesson Plan

OVERVIEW: The nutrients or food for the plant are added to the water in hydroponics. This session explains what needs to be in the nutrient solution and describes oprganic and inorganic formulas.

PURPOSE: To explain what is in a hydroponic fertilizer and how it is different from soil or soil based fertilizers.


  1. Understand that a plant needs 13 minerals
  2. Understand that a hydroponic nutrient must include these 13 minerals
  3. Understand how to create a organic or inorganic hydroponic nutrient

RESOURCES/MATERIALS: In the practical the students mix a inorganic nutrient from fertilizers and an organic nutrient from worm castings.

Inorganic nutrients
Organic Nutrients
Comic book on nutrients
Coloring Book with worm farm
Nutrient Deficiencies in plants
Nutrient Calculator Speadsheet


  1. Present the slides for hydroponic nutrients
  2. Take time for questions from the students or comments
  3. Do a practical with the students mixing organic and inorganic nutrients
  4. Meet for a review of the material

Slide Shows

  1. Inorganic nutrients from fertilizers
  2. Organic Nutrients

TYING IT TOGETHER: At the end of the session, the student should be able to mix a organic and inorganic hydroponic nutrient

Revised: 1 January 2005
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