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Session 5 About Water Lesson Plan

OVERVIEW: Hydroponics requires water to grow plants. The amount of food that can be grown by a family is partly determined by how much water is available and the cleanliness of the water. This session describes water needs and water purity and discessues the importance of rainwater harvesting. The amount of water used in the garden is partly due to management of the garden. The session also discusses water costs.

PURPOSE: To help the garden owner understand the importance of a daily supply of fresh clean water and the importance of water in the garden.


  1. Understand the amount of water required each day
  2. Understand the importance and issues of water quality
  3. Be able to design a rainwater collection system for their homes
  4. Understand how to conserve water in the garden
  5. Understand the costs of water and how it can be purchased

RESOURCES/MATERIALS: For the practical part of the class, the students design a rainwater harvesting s system for their homes. This requires paper, colored paper, clay, cardboard to make a model of a rainwater system with the basic components.

Practical design 2 is a sand filter to clarify water.


Water Resources

Water Resources Overview by Todd Stong
Public Water Issues
Public Water Supply Planning

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting
Rainwater Storage Tanks
Rainwater Harvesting in China
RAinwater Harvesting in Texas


  1. Present the slides For water, all five units
  2. Take time for questions from the students or comments
  3. Do the practical clay table designs for building a rainwater harvesting system. In teams of two people.
  4. Demonstrate a sand filter working to purify water
  5. Meet for a review of the material

    Slide Shows

  1. 5.1Water Quality
  2. 5.2 Water Quantity
  3. 5.3 Rainwater harvesting
  4. 5.4 Water Management
  5. 5.5 Water Costs

TYING IT TOGETHER: At the end of the session, the student should have a feel and understanding for the needs of daily water for the garden and how to obtain and save clear water for the garden. They should be able to build a simple sand filter and a simple rainwater harvesting system.

Revised: 1 January 2005
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