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Session 11 Pests and Disease Lesson Plan

OVERVIEW: This session explains some of the problems with pests in the garden and how to control them.

PURPOSE: To understand the signs of pest problems and what needs to be done.


  1. Understand what pest problems look like
  2. Know what to do about the pest problems
  3. Learn ways to prevent pest problems in the first place

RESOURCES/MATERIALS: In the practical the students look through the garden for signs of pest problems and then make a garlic spray and spray on plants. They also make a yellow card to prevent white fly.

Nutrient Deficiencies


  1. Present the slides for pest problems
  2. Take time for questions from the students or comments
  3. Do a practical with the students looking for pest problems and spraying, making garlic spray and yellow cards
  4. Meet for a review of the material

Slide Shows

  • Common insect pests
  • Common diseases in hydroponics
  • Prevention methods
  • Beneficial plants ad insects
  • TYING IT TOGETHER: At the end of the session, the student should be able to recognize pest problems and know what to do about them

    Revised: 1 January 2005
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