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Session 1.5 Providing food for your family

Good Diet prevents disease

Two important things for a good diet are:

  • 1. enough protein
  • 2. enough vitamins and minerals.

It is not difficult to make sure you and your chidren are well fed, and healthy. A microgarden can help.

A growing child should have about one liter of milk a day. This can be mothers milk, cows milk or goats milk. So each child needs two cups of milk a day.

If no milk is available, a substitute milk can be made out of soybeans. We have instructions on making soymilk in the cooking part of this course.

A microgarden will probably not grow enough grain. Vegetables in the garden can be traded for rice, beans, corn and wheat.

A microgarden can provide food security for your family. By working two hours in the garden every day, the food for the next day will grow.

Revised: 1 May 2016
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