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Unit 7 Part (E). Hydroponic Survival Garden
[A child's Garden]

The Survival Garden is a worldwide effort to design a survival garden for maintaining a person with 1500 calories a day.

The Survival Garden started as an effort to bring hydroponic culture to homeless and malnourished children. It now includes many gardens established in affluent areas as well.

The survival garden is designed to supply 1500 calories a day of well balanced nourishing diet. This goal is often not obtainable, and many gardens are producing 500 to 700 calories a day. The strengths of the gardens is in producing fresh garden vegetables, and the weaknesses is in providing the cereal crops such as wheat, rice, beans and corn.

Designing a Survival Garden

The first step in designing a garden is deciding what foods you would like to grow.

How many containers to plant:
The garden then is designed to produce the food each day. So how many garden containers are needed to produce that much food?

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