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Unit 7 Part (C). A Hydroponic Homeless Shelter

In many countries, there are people who are homeless. They live on the streets, or sleep under bridges, or in shelters such as packing crates or abandoned buildings.

Your task in this model is to build a hydroponic homeless shelter. This shelter should use hydroponics in some way to grow food.

Models are created by using modeling clay, construction paper, colored pencils, or anything else that seems to be useful. For more information on building models, see the introduction to the creating a model.

Once you have finished your homeless shelter, compare it to the homeless shelter in this unit, and see if there is anything you might want to use in your design.

If you have time, build another model of the homeless shelter in the unit. There are a series of drawings to help you understand the shelter.

Revised: 1 May 2016
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