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Creating a model

When an architect designs a home they often build a model of the structure. The model is usually a miniature home, that looks like the home that will be built.

How to build a model

Almost anything can be used to make a model. Things such as modeling clay, construction paper, paper clips, colored pens, and small objects can be used.

Perhaps when you were younger, you played with toys that create miniature villages or structures. This is model building. What you do in the next part of the class will be the next step in modeling.

We will first study ancient ways of growing plants, and the way we study is to build models. This is a good way to learn about a system.

Designers often build models together, When you work in a small group, there is more hands to build a model. Also, like playing a game with other people, it is often more fun.

You can also work alone to build a model. This is sometimes a better way to work to really learn the whole design. During model making you might want to try both ways, alone or in groups.

Constructing the Model

It helps to build the model on a piece of wood or a strong material so that the model can be moved. The model may take several days to build and you may need to store it. Sometimes they are so wonderful, you cannot bear to tear them apart.

So have fun building models.

Revised: 1 May 2021
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