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Hydroponica is a biosphere home designed to grow all food needs for two people.

This design makes use of a 50 foot Fly's Eye Dome designed by Buckminster Fuller. It also makes use of Hydroponics or the science of growing plants without soil.

About 67 square meters of garden space in the dome should provide about 7 pounds of food a day, the requirements for two people.

The kitchen in Hydroponica has hydroponic growers for salad, herbs, tomatoes and cucumber.

The growing space inside Hydroponica grows about seven pounds of food a day enpough for two adults. This is a vegetarian diet, with plant based meats substituted for animal meat.

A fireplace, located in the center of Hydroponica,has a spiral staircase that leads to the upstairs.

For a full floorplan and more information go to Hydroponica Class.

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